Début septembre nous étions en Suisse 🇨🇭 pour le @GPRuebliland ! Une belle édition ensoleillée
A noter la 4e place sur la dernière étape de @lozouet_leandre et la 11e place au CG de @MaxencePlace
photos @gussevphoto

Save the date! Der 46. GP Rüebliland findet von 2. bis 4. September 2022 statt.

Max Poole of Fensham Howes - MAS Designwins stage 1 of @GPRuebliland #GPRuebliland

Stage 1 of 45th GP Rüebliland 2021 / Schneisingen - Schneisingen

Winner 🏆: Max Poole (Fensham Howes-Mas Design)

📷 Steffen Müssigang

🔴⚪ Schweiz / Switzerland 🇨🇭

May we introduce to you - TEAM Switzerland. Like every year, the Nati will put everything on the day to raise their hands in front of the home crowd. With Jan Christen, a local rider is at the start and will be a favorit for victory on every stage.

🔵 Start Junior Team by Java 🇦🇷

The team was selected to replace Tofauti Everyone Active (due Covid-19). Two national champions from Uruguay and Ecuador will be at the GPR 2021. So riders from three continents will start at the GPR. We are very looking forward to you guys.

🔴⚪🔵 Luxembourg 🇱🇺

The Luxembourg national team turns out to be a surprise packet year after year. Last year, Mats Wenzel was convincing and finished in the top 10 on GC - a remarkable achievement.

Good luck for this year 🏆🥕🥇

🔴⚪ Poland / Polen 🇵🇱

Last year, the Poles were only able to make their mark in the fiercely contested sprinter stage. For this year's event, the national team, along with Michael Kwiatkowski's farm team, completes the selection from Poland.

We wish you good luck 🏆💪

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